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A day out in Kirchberg, Limpertsberg, Merl

Posted on 22 July 2010 by citymag

Where would you go if you were showing a visitor around Kirchberg, Limpertsberg or Merl? For a game of pétanque near the Coque? Judd mat Gaardebounen at Brasserie du Kirchberg? An art house film at Utopia? A drink at Tramways? A picnic in the parc du Merl? Shopping for olive oil at La Provence Gourmande?

Let us and City Mag readers know – post your suggestions below or send an email to: [email protected].

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4 Responses to “A day out in Kirchberg, Limpertsberg, Merl”

  1. Laura says:

    I would definitely start my trip to Kirchberg by going to the hairdresser, there’s a small hidden one very cosy called FERBER situated 5 rue J.P. Sauvage , they do good extensions. With my hair feeling wonderful I would then have an ice cream at Haegen-Dasz, and watching people walk trough Auchan :) .

  2. soubeyran vincent says:

    where is that pétanque field exactly, when is it open and how much does it cost?.. thanks..

  3. soubeyran vincent says:

    by the way: could you please include systematically in the citymag and on internet at the in my opinion very necessary precise infos no who’s who in the vdl services?.. that is, for each field and service the name AND email address of the responsible person.. that would be very handy.. for instance i have once in a while ideas about how to improve things in specific areas of lux-city management, transportation, environment etc, and i never know whom i can address them per email to.. the internet site is in that matter quite impractical and inefficient, one cannot get the exact info about who is in charge of what.. thanks for your cooperation!..

  4. soubeyran vincent says:

    well here a few idea (hoping they will be communicated to the concerned resonsible persons in charge at the vdl or if necessary to the ones concerned in state services, ministries or departments..):
    - i think roundabouts are a great solution for traffic fluidity, so there are many places still in lux-city where roundabouts could be installed, the most typical being of course the schuman crossing at the red bridge: please make it a normal roundabout with no traffic lights, thanks!.. another example is the place de l’Etoile crossing and the next one down under, same thing.. idem down at hollerich all these crossings in front of the church.. why all these redf lights blocking the traffic all the time?..
    - i think that at night a great number of street lights are not necessary, they use up huge amounts of electricity for nothing.. in fact in many streets half of the street lights (one out of two) could be simply turned off.. actually the best would be, as the system is modernised everytime it comes to it and some lights need to replaced, to mount special light bulb systems with progressive intensity using integrated movement detectors.. they exist already on the market and have been successfully installed in other cities in europe and other parts of the planet, cost more to buy at first but less during their lifetime since so much electricity is spared..
    - more to come later!.. thanks for your interest..
    vincent soubeyran

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