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Design City 2012

Posted on 12 April 2012 by citymag


Following the first instalment of Design City organised by the Mudam museum, under the artistic direction of Anna Loporcaro and the City of Luxembourg, which was so popular with connoisseurs of design and members of the public in general, a new programme has been developed for the event this year, featuring five exhibitions, a symposium and a designers’ market.

From 13 April to 13 May, Index: Award will be showcasing the designs of the finalists of the eponymous competition across town. This event is designed to highlight the inspiration, the relevance and the inventiveness of designers as they set out to improve people’s way of life in industrialised nations and in the emerging countries. Emergenc(e)(y) at CarréRotondes, presents the works of young European and Luxembourgish designers whose works meet urgent requirements for progress in social, medical and environmental practices. At Mudam, Transversal Design by Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman will enlighten members of the public about the duo’s design process and their approach to design as a discipline which plays a pragmatic, visionary and creative role in the development of our world. Next Cabane, a project of Fabrica (Benetton’s research studio), consists of a mobile and pliable wooden structure which hosts all kinds of activities and serves various purposes. The Riot Act, also by Fabrica, is a set of designs produced from a common denominator: a white cylinder. Also at Mudam, on 27 April the Turn Me On – Design hits on Luxembourg symposium will be held to analyse the place of design in an industrial and corporate context. On 19 and 20 May, the museum will be setting aside an area for the Marché des Créateurs, an event that is bound to amaze visitors thanks to the originality of the objects and designs on show, and will provide an opportunity for members of the public to come face-to-face with the designers themselves.


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